The sun shines, and the light blinds

Things are looking up 😎

1.I did well on my first exam of the semester! Cue the praise hands! It was one test over 30ish chapters and I’m just thankful it’s over with. Considering how the semester began (a total crap storm), I am thankful that I was able to learn and regurgitate any information at all.

2. Ben and I got a great date night complete with steak and wine and no children. That’s a triple win right there, and I am still rejoicing over that. We even took a picture! Sure, it was in the parking lot, but that’s as good as it gets for us.

3. Clark has slept through the night more in the last week than he has in 8 weeks. Thank you Jesus. Shame that probably won’t continue after his surgery on Thursday. Oh well. Take your wins when you get them, however brief they may be.

4. I forgot an ingredient in the chocolate chip scones I made this morning, and they still turned out well.  I rarely have baking fails, but the past two times I’ve made these scones that I have made approximately 75 times before, I have forgotten main ingredients like a total idiot. The first time I forgot to add the leavening agents because who the hell does that?! That is so damn elementary, and the beautiful scones were basically trash biscuits. It’s probably one of the worst cooking fails I’ve ever had other than a casserole thing I attempted when Ben and I first got married. Y’all. I won’t even try to describe that bad boy. It was so sad and Ben kept saying, “It’s not that bad.” Oh, but it was.  Anyway, this time, I forgot the sour cream that makes them all moist and stuff, but the Lord hath shineth on me today, and it made no difference and they were still fabulous.

5. We finally changed the lightbulbs in our kitchen. Look y’all, I can be picky AF about lighting. It can be about where the visors are placed in the car because I’m short-ish and the sun comes blaring in and I can’t see and I will wreck the car and die if they are not placed appropriately. Hate that stupid sun. It can also be about lighting in the house. I mean, how can I be expected to remember essential ingredients in meals when I CANNOT EVEN SEE INGREDIENTS?! Ugh. Ben hates the kitchen lights and I almost cannot blame him because they are industrial fluorescent lights. Yes. They are. The kind you had at your high school that buzz for the first 20 minutes after you turn them on. The woman who originally owned this house thought that 8-foot-long florescent lights were perfect for the kitchen. Anyway, they’ve been slowly dying on us, and we finally made the trip to Lowes to replace them. We found what we thought was right, bought them, somehow managed to fit them into our car, and brought them home. It was soon obvious that it was going to take both of us to snap them into place because of their very convenient size 🙄. I had to stand on a step-stool, but we managed to replace all four bulbs and then flipped the switch.




 I was BLIND. I could not see anything except black spots, and bursts of brightness that could only be the Lord himself. I think I screamed. About a minute later, when my eyes decide not to hate me for exposing them to the Sun, I could finally see again. I’m glad we changed them out, but next time maybe not all four at once.

6. Darcy is refusing to potty train. She was SO into it a few months ago, and has now completely lost interest. Her teacher keeps telling me that all the other girls in her class are using the potty. So I say, “Darcy, do you want to use the potty?! It’s so fun! I’ll give you chocolate chips.” “No. I not use potty.” “But Darcy, you can wear big girl panties!” “I not.” “Ok, cool.” 😐

7. Darcy is currently in the middle of her toddler food strike. She eats like one chicken nugget a day. “Darcy are you going to finish this macaroni and cheese, or not?” “Not.” Whatever. I don’t think she’ll voluntarily starve.

8. Clark is getting new tubes and his adenoids removed on Thursday. It’s a small surgery compared to neurosurgery, but I am always a bit cray when my kids are in the hospital. Hospitals are dangerous, yo, and I feel like I have to be both mother and nurse in there, watching and questioning everything, so they make it out alive. Thankfully there are scripts for that 😂

9. Clark is officially a thumb sucker and it is precious. See below..

10. As always, I’m thankful for my God, my faith, and my people. Live is genuinely hard, and sometimes it just sucks. But thankfully, God is always good, and the sun will come out eventually. Love God, love people, and never stand on a stepstool, two inches away from the florescent lights you’re changing out. That’s all for now. Love to all ❤

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