This is weird

Life in the face of a global catastrophe

Hey y’all! Life is weird right now, isn’t it? Louisiana has been under a shelter-in-place order for a couple of weeks now because our state is basically a giant dumpster fire. I’ll talk about the corona mess later, but for now, life has gotten pretty interesting.

  1. Probably three of you will see this post because I am not posting it to my Facebook as I am currently off social media. I gave it up for Lent, and I am trying to observe Lent as a good Catholic would because…
  2. I am becoming Catholic. It’s been a big journey for me. I certainly don’t mind talking to you about it if you wish, but for the sake of brevity, I’ll just tell you that it’s been a long time coming, and I’ve never been more sure about something. I’ve been going to Mass off and on for years, and I officially started RCIA classes back in September. Unfortunately ole corona has thrown a huge monkey wrench into my official entry–all masses and classes have been cancelled (sorry, Jesus), but that’s okay. I’m content to wait, pray, and study. Also…
  3. I got a job! I accepted a job in the ER at a big hospital as a nurse practitioner. I accepted this job the first week of March. Within a week, the U.S. went cray which is actually pretty par for the course for my life (i.e. chaos reigns). Despite all the uncertainties in our world and the risks involved with the job, I am SO EXCITED! I feel like this is an incredible opportunity for me, and I cannot wait to get started which is May 1st.
  4. Ben and I went to Italy. Not now (calm down), back in November. We left our kids stateside, spent the money, and just went. It was amazing, and we had the best time ever. We would go back now if it weren’t for Covid-19.
  5. I can’t help but say “Covid-19” to the tune of “Come on, Eileen,” and I’m annoying myself.
  6.  Teachers don’t get paid enough. I feel like nurses/doctors/healthcare people are getting a lot of attention, but y’all. You are the real MVPs. Case in point, I was reviewing numbers with Darcy yesterday. She wanted to practice them, and I have these makeshift flashcards. Darcy generally recognizes numbers 0-9. The following exchange is exact and has been unchanged for posterity’s sake:

Me (holding up a 9): “What’s this number?

Darcy (confidently): “Six.”

Me: “No.”

Darcy: “Seven.”

Me: “No.”

Darcy: “EIGHT!”

Me: “Ugh, no! It’s a nine, Darcy.”


Me: “Well, then you should get the numbers right, and I won’t have to tell you the answer.”

Darcy then gives me a sarcastic “WuT” type shrug that made me want to throw the flashcards. Y’all. I can resuscitate people. I can jab the needles and give the medicines and witness all the grody and horrific things, but I absolutely cannot do this flashcard, letter-tracing, teaching thing. More power to you, teachers. I love ya.

Corona. Initially, I really thought it was nothing more serious than the flu. Unfortunately, I was wrong. It’s a big, freaking deal. My nurses are struggling with weight of being on the frontlines. My physicians are struggling. My amazing respiratory therapists. They are all struggling, and they need your help. We are fighting a war and as healthcare providers, we are fighting on the frontlines. Sadly we are fighting an invisible, microscopic agent, and we are fighting it with insufficient supplies and incomplete information. As sweet as it’s been to see the accolades and thank-you’s, I think most nurses and healthcare providers want your understanding, compassion, help, and prayers. Understanding for the absolute hell they are going through on a daily basis. For when they come home at 9 a.m. and pour a stiff drink because the last 13 hours have been so much. Compassion when they cry instead of verbally respond when you ask “How’s it looking?” Help. We’re asking for your voice! We need more supplies. You wouldn’t send a soldier to war without a gun, and it is absolutely ludicrous to send a nurse to battle this virus without appropriate PPE. It’s inexcusable. Help us with your voice as a call to action. And last, but not least for your prayers. God is powerful, He is almighty, He is Lord, and He is Sovereign. Your prayers are heard by the Almighty and have a far greater impact than your armchair-quarterbacking the government’s decisions.

Don’t lose your humanity. Your neighbors and the strangers in the grocery store are not your enemy waiting to infect you. Now keep your distance, wash your hands, and don’t touch your face, but also, please don’t lose your sense of compassion. We are in an unprecendented time in which our independence and free will is being restricted. That’s hard. But it doesn’t mean that we should become reclusive, selfish assholes. Help where you can help and love on people from a respectable distance- six feet, please. Make the phone call, send the text. If you’re feeling ambitious and homemakery, make an extra loaf of bread for your neighbor. Lord knows you’ve got the time. Show up the only way you can right now because now is when it matters.

Thankfully, our family belongs to an amazing synagogue that goes the extra mile and is really, really great at doing this stuff. Make sure your family, your friends, your circle, your house of worship–WHATEVER is doing this good stuff. Our actions are what we’ll be remembered for, so make a positive, kind impact. You may change the course of someone’s life.

“Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created.” Esther 4:14

Stay safe out there. Love to all ❤




2 thoughts on “This is weird”

  1. I am sending extra prayers for you. Please be safe now that you are one of front line soldiers. You cannot be too careful. I love you.


  2. Beka Cassie & James Bowie were on their Honeymoon in November 2019 too. Cassie loves Italy. Love you sweetheart


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